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Illinois Concealed Training Inc. Is one of the best Chicago based firearm training facility specializing in the Illinois Concealed Carry Act. Our certified instructors have numerous hours of firearm training and are approved by the Illinois State Police. We at Illinois Concealed Training conduct our classes in an inviting atmosphere providing all attendees with an incredibly detailed curriculum approved by the ISP.


At ICT, we believe that allowing everyone’s interaction will help to provide a better understanding of handling a firearm. We understand that everyone’s level of learning may vary; however, our classes are incredibly detailed for everyone regardless of their experience level.

Considering the demographic of women entering the field of firearm training, ICT has been at the forefront of conducting ladies-only classes giving women the ability to learn and train in a comfortable environment.

Mitigate Risks, Preserve Lives, &

Ensure Family Safety

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16 Hour Classes

This class is for the general public who wishes to learn the basics of gun law.

8 Hour Concealed Carry

Individuals who are active or ex-military (DD214 needed) as well as ex-police…

3 Hour Concealed Carry

Individuals who currently hold an ILCCL and are subject to renewal.


Our Mission

is to empower our community with the right knowledge to protect their flock, homes, and lives by providing training, knowledge, and capabilities and confident use of firearms; for the beginner to the advanced shooter.

Courses and Training

Our passion is instructing competence and proficiency that comes hand-in-hand with knowledge in the defensive firearms world.


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